I began my relationship with Stephen representing me at my emotionally lowest point in dealing with the sudden termination of my Long Term Disability benefits. Stephen's calm, professional and caring demeanor instantly provided direction and hope that a positive outcome was possible. His guidance and patience instructing me on our options and procedures gave me clarity and purpose in fighting for my rights. I cannot recommend Stephen Bosin highly enough for legal counsel in protecting your rights.
Jill J.

I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for you support and your pep talk it has really been such a help for me...
I thank you for all you did for both Hannia and I...

If you have any legal problems involving your employer and/or workplace, Stephen is the man to call. I was wrongfully terminated for whistleblowing after months of harassment, it left me in a state of despair, anger and vulnerability. I met with a few attorneys before I called Stephen, I knew that he would be the one to help me get the justice I needed. He was very professional and I was comforted by the fact he had extensive experience in all employment law matters. This was a serious case for me and my family and it affected every aspect of my life, Stephen made sure we were taking the right approach to get the best results. I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the results of my case, I would like to thank Stephen for being an excellent lawyer and friend throughout this whole ordeal. Thanks!
Zuber M

When my family and I were confronted with a serious legal matter, we began the search for the right attorney who could protect our family's legal interest and draw a favorable outcome. Our search lead us to Mr. Stephen Bosin, ESQ.

We were represented with an extraordinarily high level of professionalism and legal expertise as well as genuine sensitivity and concern.

On behalf of my entire family, thank you Mr. Bosin for a job very well done.

"Mr. Bosin prepared a thorough and well organized appeal. He debunked each of their arguments with logical objective counter arguments. We won our appeal against one of Americas largest and most powerful insurance companies. It was a pleasure working with him to attain this victory. "

Dear Mr Bosin,

I would like to take this time to express my deep gratitude to all the help you provided me, Mr Bosin not only treated me professionally and respect but he really 'calmed me down' and made me feel very comfortable speaking to him. He assured me and give me some hope specially when you are alone. I have tried to contact many prestigious firms but no one has the courage to fight against a giant insurance company but Steve DID!!! When you work all your life and something happens you really need someone like him on your side. He was there for me all the way. I'm not sure I have been able to convey my gratitude to him in a proper manner, but hope this may help. He went above and beyond what a person should do. I will always recommend him to anyone who is in need of an attorney. He really is the very best in my opinion.

I have known Steve Bosin for over 5 years and have found Steve to be honest, knowledgeable, hard working, fair, professional and an attorney you can rely on. He is a good human being and will always be there for you. Steve was my attorney for a very tough whistle blower case and Steve settled the case very favorably. It is an honor for me to give Steve Bosin this testimonial.It is well deserved.

I started as a Pro Se plaintiff when I filed a complaint with The US Federal Court. When I was at a point that the Judge ordered a hearing requiring me to be present with some required documents, I knew I was out of my league. I ask the judge for time to acquire an attorney, the judge refused. So in the short time left, I rushed to find an attorney. After a search on the Internet for a Large Firms, I placed many calls, I talked to many attorneys some asked me to forward my case documents but none of them called me back. When I re-called them and emailed them not one answered. At this point, I searched the Internet for a Small Firm with an attorney with many years of experience in labor law. I found Stephen Bosin. I emailed him and he responded almost immediately. I explained my case to him then he asked me for the federal complaint number and said he will call me back. Well that is a hint, unlike the other attorneys who ask me to send the documents, he retrieved the case complaint electronically himself. He called me back. He said he thought my case was well written and explained my situation very well. He ask me to email him some additional documents and called me back after he received the documents. He then explain my possible success and recovery. He said he would be willing to handle the case and call the court for additional time but, I needed to first come into his office. On that same day, the attorneys representing the defendant called me and offered me a settlement. The settlement was close enough to what Stephen projected so, I accepted. I called Stephen and he was happy for me. He said that was good and it was because I did a good job when I wrote my complaint otherwise they would not had settled. I was so impress with Stephen honesty and helpfulness. I thought he should be made an example of how an attorney should treat the prospected client. This is why I am writing this letter of testimonial. To show my appreciation when I received my settlement I sent Stephen a well-deserved fee.