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Starting a business and running it successfully can be incredibly fulfilling. The knowledge that your entrepreneurial vision is becoming a reality can provide meaning to you and those who work for you, both personally and professionally. Growing a business, though, comes with challenges and frustrations that threaten to undermine everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Legal obstacles stand between you and making your business the best it can be.

If you are looking for an experienced business lawyer who can help you start a business or help your current business with its legal needs, reach out to my firm, Law Office of Stephen Roger Bosin, Esq. With more than three decades of legal experience in business law, I can help you and your business thrive as we seek favorable results together. If you live in Hackensack, Englewood, Fort Lee, or anywhere else in Bergen County, New Jersey, reach out to my office in River Edge to schedule a free initial consultation today.

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As your business law attorney, I can handle virtually every phase of corporate development, from creation and development to acquisition and dissolution for small businesses, including:

As an arbitrator, I focus on finding resolutions in business disputes, and I can advise you on how to handle problems with a landlord, franchiser, vendor or employee. My business law clients in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey appreciate my responsive service and my focus on meeting their legal needs efficiently and cost-effectively. By taking a proactive approach, my firm helps business clients avoid costly litigation that can be ruinous to a business.

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Breach of Contract in New Jersey

I make it a priority to help clients understand common kinds of business disputes, and give businesses the tools to prevent harmful litigation and operate smoothly. However, it sometimes becomes necessary to confront disputes that threaten your business, such as breach of contract.

A breach of a contract terminates the obligations of a business contract. A breach may occur when someone:

  • Refuses to perform any promised action listed in the contract

  • Does something that the contract prohibits or limits
  • Prevents the other party from performing its obligations under the contract
  • Takes longer to perform an action than the period specified under the contract

Business contracts are frequently breached—sometimes deliberately, sometimes innocently. Whatever the context surrounding the breach of contract, the success of your business requires that the breach be resolved as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. 

Elements of a Breach of Contract Claim

You may be in a position to file a claim. In order for your claim to qualify as a breach of contract, you must demonstrate a number of qualifications, including the following:

  • Proof of the existence of a contract. The courts will need evidence that a contract exists. This is not as simple as it sounds.
  • Proof that the opposing party failed to perform their obligations and that they do not have a substantial reason for this failure.
  • Proof of damages resulting from the other party’s failure to perform or provide their obligations.

If these elements can be demonstrated, you might have grounds for legal action. Set up a consultation with a local business lawyer right away to review your options and seek favorable results for you and your company.

Business Law Attorney Serving Hackensack, New Jersey

If you are just starting your company, or are looking to navigate a frustrating business dispute, don’t lose sight of the goal: a thriving business. At my firm, a combination of business and legal experience informs the work I do, every single day, to move each client closer to achieving their goals. I proudly serve Hackensack, River Edge, and the rest of New Jersey.