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Lawyer Getting You Fair Pay For Your Work

As an employee, you have the right to expect fair pay for the work you put in. That includes overtime pay. Unfortunately, some employers attempt to protect their bottom lines by finding opportunities to avoid paying workers. Often, they violate the law. Thankfully, they can be held accountable for these violations, and you may be able to pursue compensation.

For more than 30 years, employees in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey have turned to me, attorney Stephen Roger Bosin, to help them get the back pay they are owed by their employers. As a trial attorney, I am positioned to take on even the biggest opponent in order to get a fair outcome for your wage and hour claim.

How Employers Avoid Paying Employees

My experience has shown me that there are countless ways for employers to avoid paying workers. However, there are some common problems.

One of the most common methods employers use to avoid paying overtime is by misclassifying an employee as exempt. In other words, they misclassify an employee as a salaried worker, rather than an hourly worker. While there is variation in different occupations, for the most part, employees should not be classified as exempt from overtime unless they are managers. This does not mean that they simply need to have the title of manager. The employee actually has to perform management duties as part of his or her job. If you have been classified as a salary worker in error and believe that you are due overtime pay, enlist me as your lawyer, and I can help you seek compensation.

Other cases of employers avoiding paying employees are more obvious. They may require employees to arrive early to engage in prep work, for which the employee is not paid. They may force the employee to work through unpaid breaks or lunch periods. If you have done any work for which you were not paid, I am prepared to help.

Free Review Of Your Wage And Hour Claim

I will review your wage and hour claim for free. I will verify that you have not been properly paid, and I will educate you about your options for seeking compensation for unpaid wages. Call me or contact me by email.