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Advocating For Whistleblowers

Some people do the right thing, even if it places them at risk. These people are called whistleblowers. Driven by conscience, they blow the whistle on illegal, unethical or fraudulent behavior on the part of their employers.

Often, they pay a steep price for their honesty and integrity. Whistleblowers frequently find themselves the victims of workplace retaliation, harassment, or termination. It is important to know that these actions are illegal, and you have options.

If you are a whistleblower who has been the victim of workplace retaliation, please contact me for a free consultation. I am employment attorney Stephen Roger Bosin. I take great pride in standing up for the rights of whistleblowers in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey.

A Lawyer Who Will Protect Your Rights

I seek financial compensation for whistleblower clients using federal and state laws, including New Jersey’s Conscientious Employee Protection Act, or CEPA, as well as the federal qui tam law.

If you were disciplined, demoted, harassed, terminated, or otherwise discriminated against because you reported illegal activity or refused to take part in it, I will seek financial compensation on your behalf.

I have represented clients who objected to the off-label marketing of prescription drugs, the misuse of corporate funds and noncompliance with environmental regulations, just to name a few.

A whistleblower case often begins with a phone call from someone who says, “Let me tell you why I’m not working.” Then the stories of threats, intimidation and harassment begin.

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If you are a whistleblower who needs legal help, you can rely on me for aggressive representation that gets results. I represent whistleblower clients on a contingency basis. Other than a modest retainer, you will pay no attorney’s fees or costs unless I win financial compensation for the damages you have suffered. To learn more, please contact my law firm for a free phone consultation.