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Fight for your rights with the help of a passionate legal professional.


Employment Law & Long-Term Disability Attorney 

I have over 40 years of experience providing legal guidance and service to individuals throughout New Jersey whether in the conference room or the courtroom. Clients trust me to use all that I’ve learned to pursue justice on their behalf, so that’s exactly what I do.

When we work together, I aim to build a strong attorney-client relationship to foster collaboration. Your input allows our attorney-client relationship to flourish. 

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Why Choose The Law Office Of Stephen Roger Bosin?

The practice of law is more than just facts and figures. It’s about people, and it’s about persuasion.


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Practice Areas
Providing Excellent Legal Advice For Over Two Decades in NJ

Employment Law

Many employees encounter workplace issues like sexual harassment, disability discrimination, and conflicts regarding their ERISA/pension claims. Don’t let the stress of an employment issue prevent you from reaching out for help. No one deserves to face a hostile workplace, which is why I fight to uphold your rights. 

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Whistleblower

  • Workplace Discrimination

  • Disability Discrimination

  • Wage & Hour Claims

  • Noncompete Agreements

  • ERISA/Pension Claims

  • Employment Contracts

  • Family & Medical Leave Act

  • Workplace Issues

  • Wrongful Termination

  • Unemployment Benefits 

Long-Term Disability 

If you become disabled so that you are no longer able to work, you trust that your long-term disability insurance will be there for you. Unfortunately, many employees find that their insurance benefits fail them right when they need those benefits the most. I will fight to uphold your right to personal and financial peace of mind in long-term disability issues. Learn more

Business Law


I provide a complete range of legal services to guide your business. Whether you are seeking to form a business, negotiate a contract, or navigate a shareholder dispute, put my decades of experience to work for you. While I will work proactively to guard your business against litigation, if such a path is necessary to help your business thrive, that’s the path we’ll take.

  • Contract Disputes

  • Breach of Contract

  • Business Formation

  • Contract Review & Drafting

  • Partnership/Shareholder Disputes

  • Purchase & Sale of a Business

  • Small Business Law

Pillars of Justice

A Dedicated Partner From Start To Finish

Legal issues can arise out of nowhere—for both you and your business. When they do, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and unsure of your next steps. When all that you’ve worked so hard for seems to be threatened, turn to dedicated advocacy at The Law Office Of Stephen Roger Bosin. I have served Hackensack, River Edge, Englewood, and Fort Lee for over two decades with excellent legal counsel.

Starting a business, or growing an existing one, is a milestone for anyone. When so much is on the line for you and your business, it’s important that you put your trust in knowledgeable legal guidance today.

Your business is bound to encounter speed bumps, from breach of contract to partnership disputes to issues involving the sale of your business. That’s why I offer comprehensive services in business law, including small business law and business formation guidance, so that there's someone in your corner when your business needs it. You've always wanted to see your business thrive, so take the proactive approach. You'll be ready when legal issues arise.

From employment law issues and long-term disability to business law matters, I'll seek the resolution you need to achieve success which I have repeatedly achieved. Contact me in Hackensack, NJ today at (201) 371-9934.


Stephen Roger Bosin



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