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Small Business Law

Hackensack Small Business Formation Attorney 

NJ Attorney With Extensive Experience Helping Small Businesses 

Small-business owners often face unique challenges that require legal counsel to have in-depth understanding and experience. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to start a company or an owner looking to expand operations, choose a lawyer who can provide the guidance you need for every aspect of your small business.

As a business law and employment law attorney in Bergen County, I invite you to contact my firm, The Law Office of Stephen Roger Bosin, Esq., to schedule a consultation.

In addition to more than three decades of legal experience and a master’s degree in corporate law, I was also general counsel to the New Jersey Trade Development Corporation. Further, I am an adviser for the entrepreneurial training program formed under the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

Protecting Owners' Investments and Interests 

I, too, am a small-business owner, and I understand the dilemmas that today’s small-business owners face in a highly litigious business environment. With my extensive business law experience, I am able to help clients identify and solve related problems and achieve greater control of their business operation.

In my business law practice, I offer a wide range of legal services to small businesses. Many of my clients initially turned to me for assistance with business formation and now retain me for every legal issue they encounter, knowing that I am committed to helping them achieve their long-term goals. If you run a small business, you can benefit from my 30-plus years of experience with contractual matters, business disputes, employment issues, and more.

To learn more about what I can offer your small business, call me or contact me by email.


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