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Purchase Sale Of A Business

Hackensack Purchase Agreements Attorney 

Tremendous Understanding Of Issues Surrounding Purchase Agreements

In a business purchase agreement, the rights and obligations of the buyer and seller are clearly stated. The purchase agreement is a binding contract. As your lawyer, I can ensure your rights and interests are fully protected throughout the negotiation of the agreement and upon the merger or acquisition of the business.

Do you need to speak with an attorney regarding a buy-sell agreement? Call The Law Office of Stephen Roger Bosin, Esq. to schedule a consultation. You can also email me and I will be in touch with you promptly.

What Is Included In A Purchase Agreements?

My firm helps small- to midsized-business owners in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey with various phases, including business formation services. The need for a purchase agreement may arise during formation. As your attorney, I can ensure you understand the terms of the purchase agreement. I can also ensure the agreement clearly protects your business interests. The purchase agreement will include what is being purchased, who is making the purchase, the purchase price of the business, and the date of sale. Other items will be included such as:

  • Noncompete clauses


  • Assets that are included in sale: Assets can include equipment, inventory, confirmed sales orders, business contracts, company records and files, trademarks, and even the business’s name.

  • Employees: Will the buyer hire the seller’s employees?

  • Liabilities: Will the buyer assume the seller’s liabilities?

  • Disputes: How will disputes be resolved?

Of course, there are many other items that must be considered. With more than 30 years of legal experience, I can ensure your rights and interests will be protected as you purchase or sell a business.

Additionally, I handle disputes that can arise during the life of your business. These include potential contract disputes and partnership and shareholder issues.

I look forward to helping with your business needs. Contact me to schedule your consultation. ​


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