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Disability Discrimination

Disability Discrimination Attorney 

Disability Discrimination in New Jersey

When people think of discrimination, they often think of wrongful termination. However, discrimination can come in many forms, particularly disability discrimination.

Employment Issues in Northern New Jersey

  • If you have been turned down for a job or a promotion because of a physical or mental disability, you may have been the victim of discrimination.

  • If you have been harassed or mistreated in the workplace because of a disability, you may have been the victim of discrimination.

  • If your employer has refused to offer reasonable accommodations that would allow you to do your job, you may have been the victim of discrimination.

Employee discrimination on the basis of disability is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008. If you have been discriminated against, you may be able to pursue compensation or force an employer to comply with the law with the help of an experienced attorney. My name is Stephen Roger Bosin, and I am committed to getting results for disability discrimination victims in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey.

Understanding Reasonable Accommodations 

As a lawyer who has handled these cases for more than 30 years, I understand how subtle disability discrimination may be. Often, employees are the victims of discrimination and they do not even know it, simply because the discrimination is so commonplace. For example, an employer that refuses to allow a diabetic employee regular scheduled breaks to monitor and address insulin levels is in violation of the law. Allowing breaks is a reasonable accommodation.

Other examples of employers committing disability discrimination by not providing reasonable accommodations include not allowing an interpreter for deaf job applicants or employees refusing to modify workstations to allow access to employees who use wheelchairs.

Free Review of Your Disability Discrimination Claim in NJ

I will review your disability discrimination claim for free. I will verify that the law is being violated, and I will educate you about your options for pursuing a change at work or for seeking compensation. Call me or contact me by email.


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