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Contract Review Drafting

Contract Drafting Attorney

Why Your Contracts Matter

Good contracts are the building blocks of solid businesses. From protecting trade secrets to securing supplies, contracts play a vital role in strengthening operations and growth opportunities.

As a business and employment lawyer for more than 30 years, I have worked with companies, large and small, to draft new contracts, to review existing contracts, and to negotiate contract renewals. Contact me, attorney Stephen Roger Bosin, Esq., in Bergen County to discuss contract law and how you can protect your business interests and investments.

Protect Your Rights

Representing companies with corporate interests in New Jersey, I offer sound counsel and legal assistance to businesses that need to develop:

  • Employee contracts

  • Noncompete contracts

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Partnership and shareholder agreements

  • Supply and distribution contracts

  • Technology licenses

  • Marketing contracts

  • Leases

In addition to reviewing and drafting of contracts, I also provide representation in breach of contract claims and other contractual disputes. I work to resolve disputes through negotiation first and then through litigation in the courtroom if necessary. My goal is to protect my clients’ interests in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner possible.

Choose Experience

When you choose my law firm, you retain a lawyer with substantial corporate law experience. I am a Rutgers Law School graduate, and hold a master’s degree in corporate law from New York University School of Law. Formerly I served as associate general counsel of the Curtiss-Wright Corporation. I also started the Business Law section of the Bergen County Bar Association.

From drafting a contract to reviewing the terms of an agreement, I provide trustworthy counsel to business owners, employees, vendors/suppliers, franchises, and other interested parties. Contact my firm to schedule a consultation to discuss your business or employment contract questions and concerns by calling today.


Why Choose The Law Office Of Stephen Roger Bosin?

The practice of law is more than just facts and figures. It’s about people, and it’s about persuasion.


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