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Workplace Issues

Workplace Issues Lawyer 

Careful Resolution of Workplace Issues

When problems arise in the workplace, workers and managers may lose sight of their rights and responsibilities under employment law. Often, the best course of action is to seek the counsel of an employment law attorney with experience representing both sides.

As a business and employment lawyer, I invite you to contact my office to speak with me about your situation. I have more than 30 years of legal experience providing answers to questions and protecting the rights of clients.

Effectively Handling A Variety Of Workplace Issues

n my employment law practice, I handle a broad spectrum of workplace issues. Over the years, my cases have included everything from wrongful termination to discrimination and sexual harassment to contractual matters and more.

I provide employment law representation to workers in all industries, from office workers to laborers to health care professionals to managers and CEOs. I take my role as an employment attorney very seriously and am committed to tenaciously working on behalf of my clients and aggressively protecting their rights in the workplace.

In addition, I remain current with employment law developments and collaborate with colleagues in the field. I am a member of the Labor and Employment Section of the Bergen County Bar Association, the National Employment Lawyers Association and the Board of Directors of the New Jersey chapter of the National Employment Lawyers Association.

Working On Behalf Of Employees And Employers

From reviewing noncompete agreements to drafting employment contracts to litigating wrongful discharge, I am a strong advocate on behalf of those I represent. Contact my firm to begin resolving your workplace issues. Call today.


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