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Partnership Shareholder Disputes

Partnership And Shareholder Disputes Lawyer 

Resolve Partnership and Shareholder Disputes in New Jersey

Many small and midsized businesses rely upon the relationships of partners or shareholders. When partnership disputes or shareholder disputes arise, an attorney may need to step in to help facilitate a resolution. The Law Office of Stephen Roger Bosin, Esq., provides experienced guidance to managing partners and others involved in partnership disputes.

Do you need to speak with an attorney about a partnership agreement gone awry or an alleged breach of contract? Call my firm to schedule your consultation. You can also email me and I will be in touch with you promptly. My services are available to clients in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey.

Focusing On A Successful Resolution of Your Shareholder Dispute

I have served as an arbitrator, helping resolve business disputes in a timely and relatively amicable manner. As your attorney, I can take a proactive and responsive approach to your dispute. I strive to obtain positive resolutions through negotiated settlements and arbitration. I want my clients to avoid costly litigation whenever possible. My firm handles partnership disputes that involve issues such as the following:

  • Complex contract disputes

  • Partnership agreements

  • Company goals

  • Partner roles and responsibilities

  • Diversion of business opportunities

  • Dissolution of business

  • Retirement of one partner

I can clarify the issues at hand and promote negotiations that work in your favor.
I look forward to helping you resolve your partnership or shareholder dispute.


Contact my firm to schedule your consultation with a lawyer by calling today.


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