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Contract Disputes

Contract Dispute Attorney 

Resolving Contract Disputes 

As a business owner, you have most likely entered into many types of business contracts. These contracts set out your rights and obligations as well as the rights and obligations of vendors, employees, commercial landlords, franchises, and other parties to the contract. If you are involved in a contract dispute, it is important to find an attorney who has substantial experience with business contracts as well as the dedication to pursue litigation if necessary.

The Law Office Of Stephen Roger Bosin provides the type of experienced, dedicated legal representation business owners need. If you are involved in a breach of contract claim, call my firm at (201) 371-9934 to schedule your consultation.

Contract Dispute Resolution

In my 30-plus years of experience serving as a lawyer, I have helped small to midsize businesses resolve business disputes. Business owners in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey appreciate my responsiveness and my proactive approach.

As your attorney, I strive to reach negotiated settlements and avoid costly and time-consuming litigation. My firm handles breach of contract claims and other contract disputes involving the following:

  • Purchase agreements (buy-sell agreements)

  • Partnership/shareholder agreements

  • Real estate contracts and leases

  • Vendor contracts

  • Employment contracts

  • Franchise agreements

  • Operating agreements

  • Equipment contracts and leases

Depending on your specific situation, you may be entitled to damages for negligence, monetary loss, and other items. I can provide you with a thorough and realistic assessment of your situation. I can strive to obtain the most favorable resolution on your behalf.

For help with a breach of contract matter, contact The Law Office Of Stephen Roger Bosin to schedule your consultation.


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