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Employment Contracts

Employment Contracts Attorney 

Knowledgeable Guidance Regarding Employment Contract Matters in New Jersey

Whether you are considering entering into an employment contract or have concerns about a contract you have signed, you should seek legal advice from an experienced lawyer.

I am Stephen Roger Bosin, an employment law attorney with more than 30 years of legal experience serving clients in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey. I provide efficient, effective legal services to clients who are seeking answers to their questions about employment contracts.

 Review, Advise and Protect

After performing a thorough contract review, I will advise you of your rights and options. Then I will create a plan to protect your rights and your best interests based on the specific circumstances of your case. 

I may file a claim for breach of employment contract in a case of wrongful termination or for the cancellation or rescission of an offer of employment. I evaluate noncompete agreements and frequently try to negotiate a release from this type of employment contract.

The Anatomy Of An Employment Contract

An employment contract can take many different forms. Most, however, contain some or all of these sections:

  • Length of term of employment

  • Disciplinary procedures

  • Wrongful discharge

  • Noncompete and restrictive covenants

  • Compensation and benefits

  • Severance agreement or separation agreement

If your employer is not living up to the terms of any section of your employment contract in New Jersey, please contact me for legal advice. I can file a breach of contract claim and negotiate or litigate a fair resolution to the dispute. To learn more, please contact me for a free phone consultation by calling today.


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